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Yvonne Landmann Conscious Connected Breathing FBR Facilitated Breath Repatterning Breathwo

"My mission is to enable leaders and companies to create exceptional, environmentally responsible, and socially conscious businesses, addressing urgent climate challenges and working towards a better, greener world for future generations."

Breathwork in Munich

Location Munich: Studio Leyla and private

FBR - Facilitated Breath Repatterning in Munich (and more)

Experience the in-person practice with me in Munich (and more).

To book your session in Munich, just click "Breathwork Munich". Dates will be updated regularly.

Alternatively, just click on "request now" and send your request (town /date) or any question you have via e-mail. Looking forward to support you.

For more general information about FBR keep reading below.

Why Conscious Connected Breathwork? 

... also named Facilited Breath Repatterning (FBR) and Clinical Breathwork



We often update our phones to keep them running smoothly. Similarly, don't you want to refresh your emotional, mental, and physical self to align with the person you are today? Have you ever wanted to enjoy life but felt held back by internal struggles? Have you ever felt inspired but overwhelmed at the outset or drained midway? Have you ever felt empty and numb, even though you just finished a big project with success and would have every reason to be happy and celebrate?



We breathe between 23.000 to 26.000 times per day. Mostly subconsciously; which is why we are able to focus on living and creating life.


Breathing is the foundation of life. It is controlling everything: digestion, blood chemistry, hormones, focus, relaxation, sexual organs, awareness, eye sight, hearing, … everything is controlled fundamentally by breath. 


My work is about this: Using the power of each person's own breath to make them feel at home in their bodies again and achieve their goals based on a capacity that has a strong foundation within the Window of Tolerance of the Nervous System and resilience. 

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What are Conscious Connected Breathwork and Facilitated Breath Repatterning?

Facilitated Breath Repatterning -FBR- combines the tool of Conscious Connected Breathwork with bodywork & applied science based knowledge of the nervous system to create benefits like greater physical, mental and emotional capacity and resilience and a life of clarity, confidence, peace and ease,... It is a powerful tool which can create rapid, lasting change.


With Conscious Connected Breathwork, we allow the body to enter a new state of consciousness in which we can switch off the mind, let go of stress & anxiety, change old behaviors & thoughts that are no longer serving — all while improving the way our body breathes 23.000 to 26.000 times a day.


As a FBR practitioner, I am trained to read breath & adjust the way the body subconsciously breathes 23.000 - 26.000 times a day.


In contrast to other forms of Breathwork, this technique focuses on the unique breathing patterns of each individual, and each session is tailored to meet their specific needs.This helps to safely & effectively create lasting change in the nervous system. Clients tend to experience a multitude of health benefits.


“We breathe how we live.

We live how we breathe.” 


The range of impact and benefits



Body-based Breathwork allows you to switch off the “thinking mind” during sessions. This can lead to improved mental clarity, expanded creativity, focus & presence, while letting go of stress & anxiety. Also to create a greater ability and capacity to stay centered and calm in challenging and/or unexpected situations. 



Changing the way our body breathes every day affects health on multiple levels — including better digestion, improved immune system function, improved sleep & a better ability to relax after a long day in business.



Suppressed emotions drain physical and emotional health. Accessing this only by thinking will soon find its limitations and can even deepen the supression. Body-based Breathwork allows you to let go of stored emotions & traumas that impact the body, while gaining access to a wider range of feelings & positive states than before.


Knowing yourself. Being you.

Body-based Breathwork creates an entry point to higher states of awareness, while also giving the clarity needed to look at, remove old conditioning and limiting thought patterns. When you know and understand yourself on a deeper level, it can show you new ways to live the life you feel as really fulfilling, connected and authentically yours. 


How to start with Breathwork with me


1:1 Breathwork Sessions

For you seeking continued growth & personal support over time. A chance to step out from your stressful life & look at it through a new lens.


The power of a 1:1 session is the personalization is at the core. Within a private and safe space, these sessions are carefully tailored to your individual needs. It serves as a catalyst for profound change, allowing for a deeper unpacking of personal challenges. As a dedicated practitioner I am fully committed, focusing on your every breath to guide you on this transformative journey.


Group Experience in circle for public or a private event/ retreat 

For those seeking (or wanting to offer) a shared, yet unconventional and life-transforming experience, an invitation to connect with like-minded individuals and benefits from personal shares and (new) diverse perspectives.

As a private event or event retreat for teams, this is an invitation to disconnect not only from the constant distractions of life and the familiar environment but also to grow together into something new within a well-held and safe container.

About me


I work as a Breathwork Facilitator trained with Edward Dangerfield in Bali (Breathwork Bali). For a couple of months, I supported the team there, before I decided to share this powerful practice worldwide.


​Since 2019, I have mentored humans and teams with a focus on nervous system regulation, stress compensation, and communication in conflicts. I love to create and host team events and workshops.


​All of this started in 2017 with me becoming a certified yoga, and later on, also an experienced yoga nidra teacher. In 2019, after my sabbatical, I left my position as a manager with a BIG4 company and started my own business.


​In the last few years, I lived and worked as a modern nomad, with personal highlights in Sicily and Bali.


​Impactful cooperations with Accenture, Powerbar, IKEA, and Teatro Massimo Bellini, in Sicily have been meaningful milestones.


​​My mission is to enable leaders and companies to create exceptional, environmentally responsible, and socially conscious businesses, addressing urgent climate challenges and working towards a better, greener world for future generations.


What inspires me to support humans in their breathing patterns, and in this way of living, is my hope for humanity. I am in awe when generations come together, sharing, listening, and creating with the wisdom of life, no matter the age, profession, or culture. This lights me up.

Connect with me to make change possible,


Yvonne Landmann Conscious Connected Breathwork FBR Facilitated Breath Repatterning Breathw


How to unlock flow states and peak performance through breathwork and somatic practices - attuned with a regulated nervous system.


This is significant because our bodies keep the score: If we constantly perform at our best at the expense of our nervous system and body, without an effective way to downshift, relax, and regenerate our resources, our body will likely face serious health issues.


Adressing decision making, problem solving, interpersonal relationships, resilience and stress management with the pillars of education, support and accountability. My approach sets your team up for lasting self-empowerment to meet their neeeds to keep going for the visiomn and mission of your company.

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Explore all facets of emotions, and in doing so, discover every facet of life. Through your breath and understanding of its interconnection with your body, mind and life, unlock the dormant potential.

Yvonne Landmann - Breathwork Facilitator - Mentor for Nervous System Regulation & Communication

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