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Zitat Abraham Hicks


What is home when you work away from home? What if home is this really, really good feeling: No matter where you are in this world?

Working remote in this world and creating day to day a life that is really yours, for sure is a dream for so many of us. This dream comes with a lifestyle not so many know how to deal with and show up for when doubt, questions and obstacles are kicking in.


Maybe you're dreaming and creating your remote and really, really good life right now silently - and something is still holding you back. Maybe you're in it already and want to expand the ease within it. Maybe you love your home and still feel a flame within you that wants more. 

I welcome you to explore how you can spread your wings and fly in this one life you have. 


Meditation Accountability

Create your inner home with a meditation practice and accountability support that meets you where you're at and supports you in being stable in who you want to be. 

You yearn for to learn meditation from scratch or deepen your meditation practice to stabilize yourself and life from within?


You just can't succeed in establishing a consistent meditation practice? After a few days of euphoria you are out again - because the spark of ease, lightness and clarity you hoped for, is not jump over? 


You know how good meditation is for you and you would love to have a practice that fits your situation and supports you in what you want to achieve for yourself without having to make a decision each time which one it should be? 

My Meditation Accountability offering is my invitation to find a sustainable answer for you. 


Meditation Accountability consists of 1 hour via Zoom Online per month where I guide you in your individually tailored practice. You will then receive this practice as a recording for your own regular practice.


You will leave our Meditation Accountability session with a clear focus and intention for yourself, your practice and what is important to you this month. The focus is on everything that makes you feel "really really good" and the agreement and balance with your professional and personal life.


For the period until the next session you will receive impulses and reminders via WhatsApp text and / or voice message that will backing your intentions up. The underlying vision is to support your inner baseline and I will pay close attention to your personality in approach and intensity.


And it goes both ways: share and celebrate your experiences, thoughts, insights and successes with me. 


The price is 250 Euro plus VAT per month and offers you the effect of a good, benevolent and attentive friend, who shows up frequently to check in on you after you have set your intention for your Accountability Month. (And don't let that slow you down: We can start any time, not just the next 1st of the month)


This friend has experienced the path of meditation herself over many years and has studied it intensively, which she now stands by your side with. Her knowledge and experience is based on years of her own practice, study with various teachers, traditional teachings and books, diverse training in meditation, nervous system regulation, neuroscience, stress/resilience and also trauma.


This friend can build on professional experience with more than 45 clients with whom she has worked 1:1 (as of May 2022). And she has this inner, fierce desire to use her skills to help people find their own path to meditation practice in an easier, guided and deeper way.


This friend knows what she is talking about: and she believes in you unconditionally.


The monthly approach gives you the space of a playground AND the guardrails to really stay on your playground.

The package is bookable for three months in a row, to really get you into a supportive and holding container. Either you pay 250 Euro monthly or one-time 700 Euro before the start (plus VAT).


This offer is for beginners and advanced: It picks you up where you are with your meditation practice. And takes you step by step deeper into your own meditation practice.


For questions please send an email via the contact form.

Meditation Accountability


and bookings

Thank you! I will get soon in touch with you.


I'm Yvi.

Since 2017 I am following my inner callings and created a life that feels really, really good to me.


It makes a huge difference to live the life that is really connected to your inner world—and not just suits in the eyes of the outer world.


It also demands a lot as there is no blueprint: especially when you feel like "You should have your sh*it together." and "I should be grateful." —but it is just not feeling right this way. 

I faced this in the age of 37 and now I work mostly remotely as a meditation teacher and mentor with private clients worldwide and companies that care for their employees and customers. 

What that feels and looks like for you aligned with your really, really good feeling, I am excited to find out together with you.


If you want to fly, I am happy to strengthen your inner world and expand the reach of your wings.




When the question is "Why?" the simplest and truest answers that come up for me are "Why not?" and "Because I feel there is something in for me." 

Yvonne Landmann 

Receive free impactful insights to build up your inner home while your home in the world and life changes frequently.

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