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What is home when you work away from home? What if home is this really, really good feeling: No matter where you are in this world?

Working remote in this world and creating day to day a life that is really yours, for sure is a dream for so many of us. This dream comes with a lifestyle not so many know how to deal with and show up for when doubt, questions and obstacles are kicking in.


Maybe you're dreaming and creating your remote and really, really good life right now silently - and something is still holding you back. Maybe you're in it already and want to expand the ease within it. Maybe you love your home and still feel a flame within you that wants more. 

I welcome you to explore how you can spread your wings and fly in this one life you have. 

How to build up your inner home while home changes time to time?

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I'm Yvi.

Since 2017 I am following my inner callings and created a life that feels really, really good to me.


It makes a huge difference to live the life that is really connected to your inner world—and not just suits in the eyes of the outer world.


It also demands a lot as there is no blueprint: especially when you feel like "You should have your sh*it together." and "I should be grateful." —but it is just not feeling right this way. 

I faced this in the age of 37 and now I work mostly remotely as a meditation teacher and mentor with private clients worldwide and companies that care for their employees and customers. 

What that feels and looks like for you aligned with your really, really good feeling, I am excited to find out together with you.


If you want to fly, I am happy to strengthen your inner world and expand the reach of your wings.




When the question is "Why?" the simplest and truest answers that come up for me are "Why not?" and "Because I feel there is something in for me." 

Yvonne Landmann 

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Let‘s really really change
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Just meditate. Meditation + Mentoring
yvonne @ jm-justmeditate.de | Ruhrtalstrasse 27 |  40233 Düsseldorf | Germany

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I'm sharing little moments of my really really good remotely life on my instagram and would be happy to see you here.

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